Issa Yusuf, MD, PA Internal Medicine doctor

Our Philosophy and Mission Statement

Issa Yusuf, MD, PA aims to deliver healthcare with results. We have a patient-oriented philosophy of healthcare which employs an aggressive, direct and proactive approach to well-being and living; an uncommon physician-patient relationship of shared goals and shared responsibility towards better health.

We offer premium patient care that evolves from a culture of research, knowledge, and highly personalized attention - all of this serving as foundation for our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Most importantly, we provide care with a very personal touch.

We offer evaluations, assessment and treatment of an array of symptoms, complaints and diagnoses.  Our expertise and resources uniquely enables us to deliver comprehensive assessment through clinical exam and use of state of the art medical diagnostic equipment.  This provides for a very satisfying healthcare experience in one location.  We practice internal medicine in a professional, caring and personal way.

The assessments, evaluations and procedures we offer include:

1.  Heart check and cardiac screening including EKGs', stress tests, etc.
2.  Poor circulation and peripheral artery disease (PAD) testing
3.  Back, leg and joint pains including nerve testing
4.  Asthma and allergy testing including lung capacity and pulmonary function testing
5.  Bone density testing for osteoporosis
6.  Removal of skin tags, warts, benign moles and other skin lesions
7.  Metabolism testing including counseling on weight loss.
8.  Treatment of hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma

Please call to schedule an appointment and see additional information in our collection of patient education and video library in the resources page.